Deadly Plants

Date: 7/23/2017

By CaseyKitten

This is the second time I've dreamed that I have traveled to far away lands with deadly vegetation and insects. In this dream, Shay, Kat, and I were in the Dominican Republic. We had to be very careful about touching these beautiful plants that were deadly. Everything was so beautiful, though- you wanted to touch but knew you must not. Kat kept being annoying and loud, and when she would get messed up, she would come out of her clothes. Like just be sitting at the bar or restaurant and she would pull her shirt up to reveal her boobs, then just sit there and keep talking like nothing was unusual. She was supposed to be doing this modeling thing & a guy had come a long way to help her with it, but she kept getting drunk and not able to make it to any of the appearances he had planned. Shay and I were just like whatever, we're hungry. We went to a restaurant where you picked a noodle, spice, and meat- very like Thai. There was a rushing river behind the restaurant, and if you ordered a certain thing, the guy would catch your meat out of the water and clean it and cook it for you right then and there. This makes me want noodles and spices!