Date: 2/3/2017

By vernierj14

I was a pirate captain with a deal with Davy Jones. I couldn't be harmed by anything that came from the sea. couldn't drown or be eaten by sea animals. I took some of my crew to explore an abandoned sea town. we found some cool items but when I checked out what looked like a cellar these mummy monsters came out and we all booked it back to the water. one girl was lagging behind and when she made it to the water I wasn't the only one extra relieved. my first mate, a tall blond woman with a strong jaw line and a strong build had been yelling for her from the water just as much as I had. but I swam to her first. she was in shock and needed help swimming to the boat but part way there I made an excuse to check out some wreckage and passed her to my first mate to get her to the ship. the girl was beautiful. heart shaped face and long streight brown hair with hasle eyes and a slim build. not been a pirate for long but she was fast and very good with a sword.