Giant snake, confrontation

Date: 5/27/2019

By pretzeling

In this dream, I was stranded without my glasses. I was at my house late at night, trying to clean stuff up and do various tasks, but it was really hard because I couldn’t see anything. I heard the garage door open and my friend M came into the house wearing a bold outfit. Like, red high heels and a pair of pink, oversized, square-frame sunglasses. They had arrived and were going to go yell at my other friend S, who was with their gf and had made a mess of my basement. Up to that point I had been chilling in the living room awkwardly eating popcorn. At one point my mom came home and also started yelling at S. While this confrontation was happening, I took the opportunity to clean the basement up to try and calm down my mom. I was basically just rearranging the pillows on the couch when I noticed that my mom had ordered some 6 new embroidered pillows. The pillows seemed to be custom made, inspired by a different confrontation with her boss she’d had at work, and said various angry statements like “I HAVE A BILLION DOLLARS IN THE BANK, I CAN’T WAIT TO RETIRE” (definitely not true btw) and “FUCK YOU, THIS IS MY LIFE”. I decided to hide the one that said she was a billionaire so my friends didn’t see it because it was just too embarrassing. — Later, I was at high school and there was some sort of murder mystery happening. I was freaking out because my friend K had been absent from school and hadn’t messaged me in two days. Eventually I just decided to go home. I was far away from home and trying desperately to get an Uber. I kept calling them but getting distracted and missing them. I got into an Uber and there was a man inside that had driven me somewhere before, a maybe 60 year old guy with an Eastern European accent. It was sketch because this wasn’t the Uber I had even called, but he had beckoned me inside; I was just so desperate that I had gotten in. He said he was going to stop for a moment at his apartment before taking me to my destination. He parked at his complex. The door to his apartment was just up some rickety stairs, facing the street. I was incredibly freaked out and afraid that he was going to beckon me inside the apartment, then violently subdue me and keep me captive. So, I got out of the car but decided to stay well away from the door as he went inside. So, I was watching the doorway from maybe 10 feet away. The first thing that happened was a GIANT SNAKE slithered out as soon as he opened the door. Its head was as big as my torso, its body the thickness of a big tree trunk. Its face had weirdly human eyes. It looked kind of like the meme dinosaur that goes “yee!” (Google “yee dinosaur” if you’re curious). The snake looked at me thoughtfully, then the driver got some sort of searing hot drill and drilled two shallow holes in the skin of the snake’s head. Two dogs and a monkey also emerged from behind the doorway and started playing together. I don’t remember what happened after that.