Sex with my friend

Date: 9/7/2019

By CSco

So probably my first crush was a guy. And I don’t really remember what we were doing but he was in his Jeep in the backseat. So I crawl through the front window and into the backseat. When I look over at him and he’s jerking off. He gets really made at me and stops. So I say, “You don’t have to stop.” And then he looks at me with something unusual is his eyes and then he starts to take my clothes off. A couple seconds later we’re getting it on. It was really weird cause I remember every detail of it. I suck his dick and remember the salty taste in my mouth and he combed his fingers through my hair. And then we switch. And I stand up in the seat and shove my dick in his mouth. The warm feeling washed over my body. And then I bring my face down to his and we embrace in this kiss that lasts what feels like forever. I don’t ever want to leave his car ever again. The worst part is when I woke up, he still wasn’t gay.