Date: 4/3/2017

By Ollieking123

I was at home lying in my parent bed when this vicious white small dog starting growling at me. I was really scared and was basically crying and it started to bite me, but as it bit my finger it calmed down, so i walked it down the stairs attached to my finger. It ran off shortly after. I sat downstairs with my parents and I looked at my iPhone and it became an s8. I sat there in shock and confusion before I left for a school dinner. My whole family went there and the waiters were people who hate me, so they took our family to this secluded bench thing in like a bush, but my mom liked it since it was so pretty and secret. My parents then went on holiday so I had to stay in this weird hotel thing, where i had to lock my door because one of the other guests had a grudge on me for some reason. So they were banging on the door when rohit appeared inside, and he was like hi and then dissapeared. Then when the banging stopped I went up to the top floor to this like party deck, where i got an achievement, before going downstairs and seeing my room was robbed, and my S8 became an iPhone again.