My best friend

Date: 6/18/2017

By Panda_Cake34

I keep having a series of dreams revolving around a girl that I used to hang out with everyday. She was my best friend. Sure, she was a bit of a brat sometimes, but isn't everyone. She got a bit popular and discovered boys and we moved our separate ways. But I keep having dreams about her. Mostly the dreams start the way our relations are now... distant. Then by the end of the dream she is my best friend again. The most recent one was in a sort of space station. They all have different settings and plots, but end the same. We're both Happy... It makes it a lot more sad when I wake up. The dream started with me being the social outcast. (A bit of an exaggeration of my social status but I'm not that popular on account of I don't much care for all the ritualistic gossip and chaos.) There were apparently three positions of power available to the mass. Normal citizens had to wear brown clothing. Only upper class could wear white clothing. There were three gem necklaces given to the three that were the strongest or most influential of upper class. There was a blue gem, given to the "queen". The queen was the highest position. Then there was a green gem, given to the "king". The king was second in command. And then there was the white gem, given to the "jack". The jack was third in command. My irl friend was the queen in this dream. I in the dream was a brown clothes with little friends. and I had done something earlier that made white clothes hate me and my few friends not want to be seen with me. so I sat in the lunch hall alone. Some white clothes started messing with me, and one flipped my tray. I got up to say something but thats when one of them pulled out a white necklace and grinned at me. He was a the chubby, obnoxious jack. He challenged me to a fight, of which I declined. But then I saw the queen(my irl friend) behind one of the crowds that were gathering. she was talking to someone, but I knew she'd notice me if I started a fight. So I started one, got beat up a bit. When I landed on the floor, I looked up to her staring me down. Thats when I jumped back up and somehow won the fight. By rule, I was to be the new jack. So now I had my white sea glass necklace tucked under my white clothes, of which I won by default. Being jack didn't stop people from hating me, they just showed it less. I couldn't even see the queen except for at events. Being jack wasn't the advantage I thought it was. Until one day, everything changed. The queen was out walking, with a group following her. They followed along merrily chatting. She glanced about the path along the field, and saw me sitting alone under a synthetic oak tree, caressing the jacks necklace. She turned and asked her group what their plans were that night, and all of them froze. They all then attested to having no plans for that night. She asked them if they wanted to hang out with her. It was odd she thought, that they all remembered their plans after she had asked them. She suddenly said, "leave me.." calmly with a wave of her hand. They all scampered away. She stood there silently and glanced at m once more. She then started walking towards me so silently I almost didn't notice at first. when I did, it was a very big shock. Once she was standing in front of me, we both looked at each other without speaking. I remained at the foot of the tree and she remained standing. She looked me in the eye. "Why do you do this to yourself?" "I could ask you the same thing." My legs outstretched and my back leaning to the tree.