Date: 7/2/2019

By everybirdy12

I am in school walking in the hall. I get to the locker room to get changed for gym. Someone asks me if I remembered to bring socks. I didn't. I look around and find socks in my pants pocket. Someone jokes that I might be a witch. My old choir teacher shows up with a bunch of students. I ask her if she has my purple (I said pink) glittery socks. She asks a student but they don't have them. The students do a dance suddenly. Then one student throws a small ball at my head which I avoid by laying down. They all go around me in a circle. When they stop, I get up. I decided to go to the nurse. I wander around unsure of where to go. I pass a snack place that is for some reason in the school and they give me food. I see a teacher and ask where the nurse is. She says that I have to clean a door handle before she can tell me. I clean the handle and decide to leave. I walk out of the school to walk home. The minute I do, my mom starts yell ing at me over the phone.