Going to Jail

Date: 7/8/2017

By LightSins

In my dream, I was out shopping with my parents at a convenience store and as I was walking around I found a stack of Cup noodles and decided I wanted to buy it. I pulled it off the shelf and there was the word 'free toy included !' On it so I said, "whoa ! Free toy ?!" And I ripped it open to see what it was inside. The alarm started blaring and lights shone on me and I was so terrified, hugging the cup noodle to my chest as an Indian man went over to me and told me I was under arrest for stealing. All I could muster was "...free toy ??" And then I went to the bathroom where the jail cell was, hugging the cup noodles. I thought '...at least I got a toy out of it' but when I looked inside, it was empty