Went to school after turned lucid and had sex

Date: 4/9/2017

By Jimmy

Earliest i remember i went to school for some reason and was in 5th grade bill and pat was there too we went to classes and stuff but the part i remember is i went yo a chickfila and they started asking me what food i wanted and that the sandwich came with two sides and he started making another sandwich i asked for no broccili so he put tons of bread on it then it later turned to meat i think i dunno dad showed up at some point here and i asked where the sandwich went cause i couldnt see it and he pulled out his phone and started showing me his case said it recharged his phone and stuff then i said no where is the sandwich then they explained it came with two sides and we looked at the menu and saw all the sides and stuff then we had to leave and dad picked us up from school at 2:00 before we could eat lunch we was headed to the camp to go to busch gardens when we told him he took us before we ate so he wanted to drive us back to school to eat i told him we was fine but he said no u can go back and eat lunch when we got there i was pissed so i didnt get out of the truck for a sec and he looked and said go and eat or get out or something i think i woke up for a second after that and realized it was a dream then fellasleel very fast after and started dreaming again but this time i was lucid i was in a hotel room and stripped down and stripped this girl down and started having sex i remember feeling her ass and stuff and hell it felt real af we was in missionary when i came i was surprised that i didnt get sensitive but then well i was dreaming at some point my cuz jock shows up and he starts fuckin her and i say lets dp her she starts riding him on the edge of the bed in cowgirl so i can line up and fuck her in the ass but as im going in dad comes in the door and i jump up into the blinds he says what are u doing? Then he sees the girl and says why is there a girl he we just look and it hits him he says oh ok i getit and closes the door something like that then i was fighting the two gorl in the room vainglory style they was like koshka and another chick then we started fuckin again idk it was weird then i was in a bar and saw some girl and was pissed at the time cause of mom or something idk then i rememberd me being lucid and froze time and carried this girl to a pool table and started stripping us down when we was nude the dream started fading we ended up in a bed and i demanded light which i got for a second then i woke up with my dick between her ass cheeks disappointing in deed but i figured out i had my first wet dream 😳 also i rememberd at the school i was talking to this kid who said he lived far away from the school and we lived very close by this is my longest dream ever and my 7th lucid