Wierd Sorta-post Apocalyptic World

Date: 5/4/2019

By Seth.Adams

I'm at the beach with some friends and a glowing blue pixie woman. The beach is indoors and the cave? is well lit from no apparent light source and seemingly made of either rocks or clay. Me and the pixie worry about how rapid the waves are coming in and try to avoid being swept up. I keep asking her why the tide is coming in here, but she didn't give an answer, and the water drained away in the meantime. In another scene I see apes emerging from a walled ancient city that they presumably sacked. The ape leader tells his subordinates to take "them", who I assume to be prisoners back to their base. They seem worried about being in the sun. Nearby water recedes, revealing hundreds of skeletons, many of them impaled or otherwise wearing armor and with weapons. A guy who looks nothing like me, but who seems to be my character, and a woman in a gas mask are sprinting through a building and past crowds of people, doing assassins creed style parkor. We eventually reach a room and enter. The city we are in seems to be a pseudo-victorian kinda-steampunkish place. In the room the woman takes off the mask, and in the course of an exchange I can't remember the exact details of, she reveals her and the guy are married. Also, she is the pixie from earlier, except human sized now. Somehow the room suddenly has a bunch of He-man like guys in silly armor. They ask us to participate in a game. Since they seem to be a real life adventuring party, the game is probably an adventure. While the conversation is happening I notice that Martian walkers, like from War of the Worlds. I don't seem bothered by it, and neither do the others, as we keep taking and are really casual about it. Viewpoint shifts to a Conan ripoff barbarian sort. He is in the middle of a desert wearing only a loincloth, for some reason. He meets a group of travelers, two of whom appear to be "me" and the pixie. He agrees to join up with them, but is a jerk about it and points out that it is just a temporary join-up out of self interest. Later the now lone Barbarian is climbing up a scaffold on an adobe building at night when he meets a woman who warns him of a dangerous barbarian on the loose, which is him. He points to a guard asleep in the hammock and says he is the barbarian, then stabs him. He then walks away across a bridge with the woman.