Date: 9/20/2019

By Lkjonez13

I had a dream I can't remember in its entirety. I was living in my dead grandma's house & was sleeping in the bed with Method Man. I got up at dawn to start laundry and hang some out the bathroom window on a clothesline to dry. As I was looking out the window admiring the sky, this huge drone that resembles a UFO complete with cool lights comes flying up trying to get in the window. It's my grandfather trying anything to get in. I slam the window shut and start getting upset. I go to the washing machine and it's pouring out water from the bottom all over the floor. I grab a comforter and throw it on the large pool of water forming. I go into the bedroom and method man's getting up saying he heard me crying and getting upset. I explain there's drones trying to get in and I need help. Then my grandpa managed to throw in what I said was a listening device but it looked exactly like a small white portable radio that stuck to the door. I get more upset so method man grabs it and takes batteries out of it telling me it'll be ok. I'm a grown woman in my dream but I'm afraid to be caught with method man in my house. I tell him to duck as another drone flew by my bedroom window, trying to gain access that way. Method man tries reassuring me as I fall to the floor crying. At that moment a hologram of Eddie Murphy appears in my kitchen with his trademark laugh and smile. I tell method man to get down and hide. I tell the Eddie hologram I know it's you grandpa and I don't know why or how he's doing this from the dead but I want him to stop. My dream switches to something else that I don't recall enough of to write about.