Digital art, A person stands in their grandparent's ancestral home, crying over the likeness of an old lady to their recently departed grandmother, as memories flood back from their childhood.

Gf, gardens with White snakes, ancestral home, my dead grand mother

Date: 8/3/2019

By mandster

So I am in a large field with my gf. The field has grass and some small concrete roads. We try to leave as were getting late and we realise there are some high tension wires all around us hanging from poles on the ground. There are people repairing them. So we try to find our way out. Meanwhile I notice someone with a White cobra snake in his hands. The snake is tying to bite him but this guy is chill. Just casually holding it with one hand and doing some work with the other. Then I notice some White snakes on the ground as well. We are a little scared but not much. In next setting I alone reach my grand parents ancestral home’s first floor. I assume no one lives there now. But just feel nostalgic and start moving around remembering good old days I spent there as a kid. Then I open the room where my grandparents used to live and find some old lady on bed with a helper lady sitting besides her. I then remember we had sold the house. While I am stepping out it strikes to me that the lady resembles my grandmother who lived with us until she died in reality couple of months back. I step inside again and get emotional. I ask her if it was okay if i could just look at her for sometimes as she’s looks just like my late grandmother. She says its okay and I start crying badly missing my grandmother. Now I start waking up and find myself actually crying out semi loud and emotionally drained!