sold house

Date: 2/16/2017

By cassidylikesmoonlight

I was living in my dad's house and he for no reason put it up for sale while I was still living there!!!!! I remember I was on my period so I went to the bathroom and put on a pad and I left the door open bc im home alone right!!!!! Then I looked out the window and saw a whole family coming up the drive way and saw the for sale sign with sold over it and got really sad I was sitting at the dining table waiting for them to come in the mom came in and asked what my name was I said Cassidy and then her five children asked what I was doing here and I said I live here and showed them my room then I went to the mall with my sister and she was talking about how I could just go to our moms so I said okay and started crying why idk so I went back to the house to get my clothes when the mom was like we are adopting u and I was like bitch no and slapped her then grabbed my stuff and ran out to my car and she came running chasing me out to my car so I honked at her then I went to my moms and when I got inside I saw my sister and my mom sitting on the catch cheering for me