grim game

Date: 6/27/2017

By KingZzZ

there's more to the dream but I forgot the beginning. I start remembering the moment the game is involved. I was in someone home and I went into the room for some reason. they had an Xbox and I decided to play. I was going to play a game about death. you are death and you go thru the game killing people. but for some reason when I tried to load the saved data to the higher level the game somehow knew it wasn't the person who made the account or something like that. it kicked me from the higher level. so I tried to do it again and then it allowed me but forced me to use a special version of grim that was alot weaker and fragile, it was a holiday promotional skin for God knows what holiday but he was made of teeth and shimmered. his syth was made the same was and he was fragile due to this so one hit would kill me. by this point I was grim running thru the game as if I was him. I had no cloak either so I was trying to be careful. but suddenly the game generated another character that seemed out of place. a human with my normal cloak and syth.. he was incredibly strong and ruthless. I felt the game was cheating. I knocked him down and started to tell him to chill, and explain the situation. he actually seemed to understand. the end.