Date: 7/6/2017

By sadinarus

The first part of my dream was in a cafe at my middle school. We are drawing Self portraits to I guess get evaluated. And supposedly I was inferior to this lady that was evaluating us. So she said my friend can go. And my friend, Araziel, said "But I'm not done" the lady said "it's okay she can do it for you." Pointing at me. I said "Hell fucking no!!" And the lady gave me this disgusting look. And I remember thinking don't let her get to you. Be the bigger person. So I decided to go finish Araziels picture. But I was hesitant because that means I'm following some randomly ladies orders. And the lady passed by me with a rude smirk. I don't remember what else happened then. But I remember in my second dream I was on the toilet and taking a shit. And it was a big one, so big that the toilet and pipes shook. So I was done. I walk out the bathroom and I see this man from my show "Jane The Virgin", it was Professor Chavez. The school was set up like my old house. We then have sex. But before him I already had sex with somebody else, I just don't remember. But I remember walking out of the room. And I seen the other person I had sex with walking out the room across from mine. Professor Chavez was walking RIGHT behind me, so when I tried to close the door to hide him, he just squeezed right through. We obviously look and smell like we just had sex. So the guy that seen us was furious. And I felt so bad, because I don't do stuff like that. So later on when I was all settled down and cleaned off. I was sitting downstairs in my old homes dining room. And professor Chavez was sitting on the couch. I was contemplating. So then my dad comes downstairs and is mad at professor Chavez. They somewhat argue and my dad walks out the door. Which I believe there was a storm going on right outside. THE END