The twelve balconies

Date: 3/5/2017

By Evol

In my dream I suddenly discover that in my house there were twelve balconies. I began to explore them; they all were huge and different. I remember only two of them: the first was full of tomato plants, the second, actually, was a door that leaded to a little square. In front of my house there was another beautiful house in gothic style, whose walls were white. On the ground floor there was a very coloured shop ; on front of this shop there was a girl that weared a skirt with the same colors of the shop. She just stayed there and did nothing. Then I went in a street where there was lots of shops, and they looked somehow magic. I ended near a of castle on a hill, were there was a sort of market. Then I don't know how it suddenly became night and I was rising the hill with a little group of people. On this hill there were torches and on the top there was a sort of monk. He was speaking, I don't remember about what ; his voice was unnaturally loud and came from behind us... It was weird, but not scary.