visiting Val and the price tag removal

Date: 2/1/2017

By Purple

I visited Val and was in the small, cramped hallway vestibule downstairs. There was a coat rack and an array of shoes and boots for the family strewn on the floor. I held a small gift for Val found at a discount store. As I was taking off my shoes, I realized I left the $2.99 price tag on. Whoops! So I took my fingernail to scratch or peel off the price sticker. After, I found another prize sticker for $9.99, and would have been less embarrassed if Val saw that one instead. As I was about to scratch off that sticker, Val asked what was I doing, and to come on upstairs. I casually said I'm taking off my shoes, and I'll be up in a moment. Val came down with the girls. I didn't see her daughters, but I felt their presence. We said hello and started our way upstairs. Dream ends. Waking thoughts: I was supposed to visit Val and her kids a few weeks ago, and wondered why I hadn't heard from her.