I (Kinda) whored myself out for a prom dress

Date: 4/21/2019

By Harper

I was at a field trip with my chorus class. There were different activity stations at different places. At one station, once we were all there, everyone was wearing a dress. I looked down and realized that I was wearing a grey sweatshirt and I was embarrassed. I asked the leader of the station if I could have a dress. Then we were in my living room having a consultation with this guy. I was hoping to get a dress for free so I was kinda flirting with the designer. At one point I looked him straight in the eyes and just hit a pop squat as seductively as possible. He was quite harsh, but he seemed to be buying it. Then he told me that he would design the dress and get back to us later. Sometime later (I’m assuming) my dad said the dress was going to cost us $545 and I was super angry and insulted. I refused to let it be so I was trying to find the designer to flirt with him more to lower the price. On the way there, for some reason I ended up in California and everyone was so chillaxed and slow. I remember thinking “dang, Californians are too chill” On the way there, I also witnessed a prison riot in a prison that looked like a giant McDonald’s play place. I was walking through the crowd and I noticed the guy from Split was amongst us. I realized that he had escaped and I tried to alert the prison guards but I had to leave. Eventually I pull up to the designer’s house and it is white. I wake up after that.