Alligator lake

Date: 8/21/2019

By IndridCold

I was in a boat with someone else, and we were crossing a lake filled with large alligators. The boat was sinking a little bit so that we were actually submerged a little bit and I was really nervous, but the woman who was steering the boat seemed calm. I discovered later that this older indian man who watched over the lake dropped some sort of mood-altering pills into it at the end of each day. This guy was in a mall food court and shot a giant inflatable crossbow looking thing into the crowd. It bounced around and flew into a store, where it popped and all this liquid poured on to the ground. I walked over there with my old friend Melissa, and a lady was pouring bleach or something on to the liquid and it was having some negative chemical reaction, smoke was rising into the air. Melissa suddenly had this memory of being a priestess and pulled the lady away from the liquid, explaining to her that she was creating sulfuric acid. Underneath the liquid was an elaborate labyrinth printed in the floor, which had somehow been created. This was a secret message that had somehow triggered Melissa’s memory.