Grand Theft Auto

Date: 7/17/2017

By Grovegoblin

My mother was gone for the weekend, so I took her car for a spin. I stopped it in my school's parking lot, thinking nothing if it, and come back the next day to find that it's been stolen. Furthermore, I found out that Brad Baker was the one who stole it. So, I find him, beat him up, and force him to show me where tge keys are. After putzing around and dilly dallying for a while, I finally spot her keys amoug his clutter, grab them, and storm off to find my car safe in the knowledge that nobody would want to steal my shitty car. As I leave his dorm, I tell his floor managers to detain him and question him about the car. Finally, I made it to the parking lot and spot my car (Camey with a dented bumper) only to find some ass hole fucking with my hood and kicking my ride. So, I ran after him to chase him off. Then, the car changed into Brad's car and I backed away. Then, I spotted my mom's car parked outside of the school's car garage... It was half destroyed and just barely drivable. I walked over to it and as I got into the car to drive it home, a short female stundent talked down to me for getting so angry.