Don’t Remember

Date: 5/3/2019

By spartananomaly

Suddenly, I don’t remember at all. It may come back. I’m going back to bed. Alright, I remember now. I was in a big mansion, with a lot of friends and my fiancé, but I was on the second floor sitting at the table. Suddenly, this transgender guy with a yellow dress sits down and try’s making small talk with me. I was 1/2 paying attention and playing with my phone. Then, my friends came up and I started speaking with them and this guy disappeared. Then, as I went to walk down the stairs, the creepy guy came back and hurt his leg intentionally behind me like a sensitive woman, because he wanted attention. I asked if he was ok, because I didn’t want to seem like a dick, and he said that his leg is hurt. I asked if he could walk and he said no, so I helped him down the stairs (probably what he wanted lol) and right before the opening where everyone, including my fiancé could see, I just left him there and started talking to everyone on the bottom floor. I had a whole lot of other vivid dreams, but according to my sleep app, my sleep quality was 43%, so that’s probably why I can’t remember them.