Reoccurring childhood nightmare - Beach & forest

Date: 8/12/2019

By kikocake

This dream started occurring at about the age of five and continued until I was about 12. Always the same no deviations, after the first occurrence I was aware I was dreaming, I knew what was about to happen and would try and tell myself for to prepare whatever was about to happen. I was essentially floating above myself watching but also able to see through my dream selfs eyes. I believe my reoccurring nightmares taught me how to lucid dream but at such a young age and unaware that awareness in dreaming was not the norm, Ive never had much control. It would always start with myself on the beach, above me the sky is a very dark grey with big storm like clouds, to my right is the ocean rough and choppy, the waves crashing in violently, to my left is grey cliffs as tall as skyscrapers, unclimbable without the appropriate gear. Even though the state of the sea and sky would indicate a storm, there was only a slight breeze. As I start to walk forward the sea becomes more violent, each time the waves crash the water creeps slightly closer. I see something in the distance, as I approach the object I can see its a wooden crate with some placed on top. When I reach the crate, I observe the object, it’s wet as though it has just been pulled from the water, it too has as grey hue to it. I flip the object over and it is a mans severed head, all within a split second the head screams and ocean dumps an impossible sized wave onto me, almost as if a tsunami had reached the shore, there’s no beach left the sea has met the cliffs. I’m tumbling in the surf holding my breath, hoping that the water will go back out, just as I’m about to run out of breath the water rushes back out and I’m standing back on the beach up against the cliffs, before I can even think about trying to find the exit to leave the beach the water smashes up against the cliffs once again except this time I close my eyes and just hope that i’ll be over soon. I open my eyes and i’m standing in a forest, this isn’t like the forests I know. It’s thick, over grown and mossy, like a forest from a medieval era show set in England. There’s a shelter in front of me, it’s a small cube made out of sticks and leaves, it’s not big enough for a person to live in but enough to give shelter in a pinch. The opening is covered by a curtain of leaves, I reach for the curtain and a old hag raven type women pops out and lets out a ear piercing scream. Shes thin, tall and hunched over. Her skin is a light grey, her hair is white and dirty, it’s lacking and stringy, you can see her scalp with ease. She’s wearing brown rags, but even with all this detail I never have been able to see her face, I know it’s there but it’s also not there. After the scream I would always wake up.