Nancy Drew and a Chimney

Date: 1/23/2017

By ace200

In this dream, I was the female detective Nancy Drew and I was solving a case, why weird things were happening in a house, just like the one in the computer game The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The mansion was very similar, Victorian with symbols and a lot of blue furniture. My room was almost dark blue everything. I was looking around in one room, trying to solve a puzzle, when the man who hired me came in. He was older, but serious and I need I could trust him from past experiences and knowing him for some time. He went on and on about how this case was too dangerous for me I should not be solving it. He then turned into a demon ghost girl thing and I ran to my room. I realized I was dreaming in my dream as the ghost went into me and almost possessed me. I was knocked unconscious on my bed, but saw from a third perspective the owner of the mansion run in, an old women. She yanked a blanket off the bed and I fell off, causing the demon to come out of me and I was able to wake up. I realized it wasn't a dream. I was then doing an outdoor investigation when a car came at me and I think it hit me, or I was driving and someone hit me. Either way, I was fine except for a big red scratch on my forearm. My boss said it was deliberate and I agreed that someone was after me for finding out too much. It switched to my house and even though it was nice out, I was building a fire in my outdoor chimney. It was so windy that the fire kept going out and the whole chimney was knocked over. I think I had a party because my parents weren't home, but they were mad when they saw the chimney afterwards.