4got to write down my dreams for a week || I have six dreams that I remember; one was a lucid!🌺

Date: 2/12/2017

By madnewman13😼

So I have 6 dreams I remember over the week. They will be from last night at number 5 to 1 which is my first I remember over the week. 5. Ice skating with McDonalds In our school parking lot, there was an ice skating rink. For gym, all we did was ice skate. But I was doing some pretty sweet tricks. But not only that but there was this vending machine thing near it. Nobody seemed to notice it but me. Inside it was an unlimited supply of chicken nuggets and delicious French fries. You had to pay, but all you had to do was lift the lid and take some. I took some in my pockets and started eating it. Yum😍 4. An unexpected text I was texting my BFF/ crush something I forget what. A little later I check my texts, finding a message from him. It said: I love you Madeline. I always Have. How about we spend Some more time together And maybe go out Sometime? And with these emojis: 😘🌺💚🍻 I felt a rush of excitement rush through my body. Just before I was about to text him back, he sent me this: Just kidding lol. I never Really had feelings for you. But we are still friends, Right? And then I was like, Ha ha! Lol... Yeah... I totally feel the same Way... But really I didn't. I felt more like this: 😔😰😭😢😓😞😟 3. There are 4 of my crushes?!😮 I know. Lately, I've been dreaming a lot about my crush. I still have another dream with him in it. But, this one was the strangest. I was in this mansion with a few of my friends and Mrs. Kerry who is my friend's mom. Also, my crush was there. But not just one of him, but four of him. With different personalities. Two were all about sports and the other two were always being funny. We were in the library in the mansion when I discovered all this. My two friends each were dating the two sports personalities of him, and I was dating one of the funny ones of him. Mrs. Kerry found us kissing behind one of the bookshelves and went all wacko on us. The rest of the dream is kind of a blur. 2. Why do I always dream of this? Sometimes once in a while I have these dreams where I can see the bottom of my pond; like I can see through it. Well in this dream there was a giant dirt hill that I stood on top of, and could see directly through my pond. It wasn't very deep, it was about maybe 7 feet for the most, and it was all made of sand. (I really wish it was like that cos in reality it's very muddy and 12 feet deep at the most) And there was no fish! So it was kind of relaxing looking. 1. The substitute music teachers In this dream, we were in music class, but apparently our regular music teacher was sick and could not be there. So there was these substitutes who made us watch soap operas that said fuck in it like 12 times. Later on, we realized they were team Rocket from the Pokemon TV show with Ash and all the other characters. And don't think I watch it, my brother does and I'm stuck with watching it because it's all I can watch. So that about wraps up all my dreams. If you enjoyed tell me😉