Rick and Morty lost adventures

Date: 4/14/2017

By drunchee

So, in this dream, I jump between watching these new, strange Rick and Morty episodes to BEING in the episodes. So I'm watching these new episodes that I guess I just never saw before. It starts off with me in the episode, running away from town in a distopian future setting, like Panem from Hunger Games. The rich people have nice houses on the edge of town, and me Allison and two other people I know, I think Ayden was one, and Wallow from Bravest Warriors is another. We are running away from town for whatever reason. We jump over a fence and make it out. Right outside the fence is a small grassy area, and in the grass is the face of the piano girl from high school musical, but green. This isn’t an important detail but it’s weird so yeah. Anyhow; We are now residing in a brown wooden barn, where we find a brown pony, a cat, and our new home away from Panem. Meanwhile in Panem, the Governemt has total control over town. They rule mostly in the Terminal, a huge station where people can come in and out of Panem at. Every day, for some reason, me and my team start back at the Terminal, and have to sneak pass the guards because we are wanted by law. No matter how many times we escape Panem and go to our barn hide out, we reappear at the Terminal in the morning. On a huge tan screen I see our wanted posters, where all of us look like Family Guy characters, for some reason. I look like Herbert the Pervert on my "Wanted" poster. Some weird jealousy thing is also happening with me Ayden and Allie, but in this dream I'm pretty sure Allie is into me. The dream ends with me stopping the episode and going on the Rick and Morty wiki to see wth I just watched in detail.