Crazy Cannibal People

Date: 4/13/2017

By Memoireb

I had a dream where I was at my old school. Suddenly, the teachers were like "we are going to camp" for some random reason. My class, and other classes from other schools came. It was all fun, until the directors where like "oh, btw. We are going to trap you here, and eventually we will put you in this underground oven thing and eat you. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!! MUAHAHAHA!" So I was freaked out. Most of my dream was me trying to think of my escape plan and waiting for death. I tried escaping several times, but I will always get caught and got sent back. In the last second, I was like "Wait, I have my phone with me...right? And...I have internet...right? So that means...I could call the police to save me!" So when we where getting pushed into the oven thing, It was like a huuuge cave with a bridge going around it and there was lava in the bottom. I tried calling the police, saying that I had to be very quiet or they will hear me. I told them about my situation and stuff. But for some reason, I had to tell them several times. Eventually, they told me they will be there in five minutes. So I was like, "Welp, I'm doomed. I will probably be dead in like 4 minutes, so yah." In the very last second, of me surviving in the heat, a policeman came and was like "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, FOR TRYING TO EAT THESE PEOPLE" After, the crazy cannibals where taken and me an the other people were free. While we got out, we where greeted by the president of Mexico and he gave us a diploma.