Coffee Shop Boyfriend

Date: 8/11/2017

By dystxpia

I dont remember much about how it started out, but I was in a relationship with a guy named Christian (Chris for short) {I don't know a Chris or anyone who looks like this guy]. He was older then me, late 20's early 30's, and had a scruffier appearance. His hair was short, light blonde and he had an edgy/hipster vibe to him. In the beginning of the dream (which I don't remember a lot about), we had been driving around outskirts of the city, talking, joking around and listening to music. We had also walked around the park in the fall, again just talking about life. The end of the dream, which I actually remember more about... I was walking around a department store looking for a Valentine's day present for him. I stopped at this display with HUGE heart-stepped pillows with cute messages on them. I thought it was cheesy and stupid and that's what made it perfect. I was heading to the checkout to but that and a couple other things I had already picked out, when I look at my phone and realized I didn't have enough time to get everything. I put it on hold and ran out of the store, down the street, and over to a nearby coffee shop. I rushed in, gasping slightly for breath, only to find that Chris had beaten me there and already ordered our coffee. We have a running battle for who gets to the coffee shop first. More like, he always gets there first and doesn't care and try to beat him but am always just a step behind. I stepped into the coffee shop and he was already there waiting with my large match a green tea {very specific dream haha}. He was standing there quietly and I walked over, thanked him and joked about how upset I was that he got there first. Two younger ladies that were sitting down at a small table next to us made a joking comment towards him because I was soo young and he sarcastically replied saying he was in his 80s (I think he had a skin condition that made his skin look more aged?). We stood there for a few moments talking back and forth pretty fast. I made the comment about how we could talk forever and who would get annoyed first and he chuckled saying he would get annoyed which I agreed to and said 'i could never get sick of you' andddd that's where I woke up! EXTRA: I remember before he came into the dream I was with an irl friend in this school type public doorm room area where we were watching a presentation. Something happened or we were juzt bored and we both left to try on cosplay and super cute clothes.