stranger in my home

Date: 2/11/2017

By stefdrms

I woke up in my dream being concerned for my son. I remember thinking I had his blanket (when he goes with his dad I use His blanket as it's Awfully warm in these winter nights) anyway. I felt really bad thinking he must be cold or his cough was getting worse. I got up (and I'm thinking this totally all real ) came down stairs and saw him in bed in fetus position and I got him up to change him. In real life he has like these little growths on his skin like small wort looking growths on his torso the other day he had some agitated ones he scratched and they looked so bad !!! Anyway as I'm changing him in the dream I notice they are all over the left Side of his face and they looked terrible like he was trying to rip them off. I freaked out and walked into his bathroom. In real life it's a small white sterile bathroom with a tub. In my Dream I kept thinking this is real life but the bathroom was more the size Of a small room green and blue walls, load of junk piled Everywhere and one crappy sink. I can remember pimping water into this big bottle to wash his face and as I am Doing this I kept looking in the mirror. The last time I looked in the mirror I saw a dark man standing there and I froze in fear. I yelled out for my son Damian to come because I could Not move. This man approached with extended arms and he was holding this soft blue rag. He kept getting closer and I kept Panicking . Once he got to Me he handed me the the fluffy blue rag and vanished in front of my eyes I ran out and took My Son upstairs not knowing what the hell was going on . I rember walking by bed and hearing noise downstairs. I kept thinking what the he'll is that maybe my dogs? They all sleep with me so I checked and they were all there. My old Dog was there too and that's when I realized I was dreaming because he didn't live with us and I realized that in real life my son was with his dad that night and I calmed and went downstairs to see what was in my dream realm and I soon as I set foot downstairs I woke up.