Date: 8/23/2019

By ivanmockingjay

Wild level: 🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️ It seemed to be an open day at my house where all my closest family members had all gathered to display their work. Although clearly being home I was still a guest at the event and had arrived later than the others. I views al kinda of displays from sky high ladders to giant hamster balls and a large water ladder, that had water coming out at very step. The water ladder fascinated me because in the midst of my viewing it stopped working and somehow this had become my display and I had to fix it. It was nearing nighttime but everyone was cleaning up and packing up their displays and I was the only one fixing mine. It was a strange sight since I’m not known to be the handyman type of person and I was made fun of a lot by cousins and other relatives. Then needing to get something from inside my house I moved towards the front since we were in my backyard. THEN, I saw a large black long thing slithering towards the gate and I immediately ran to the backyard again to inform everyone but no one seemed bothered by it. It was at least 10’ long and I was the only one terrified of the creature. I called my sister since I thought she might be the only person to be afraid with me and I was right. The next thing we knew we were walking towards the front with my mom and aunt but the snake was not in sight. BUT, getting closer to the gate I saw a large tail which I knew could not belong to a snake but was in fact a crocodile!! This LARGE croc had not seen us and was just blankly staring out at while me and my sister went inside TERRIFIED. My aunt and mom stayed outside talking about the croc as if that would stop them from being eaten alive. We rushed to call them in and after some begging they finally obliged. Some how the interior of my home now looked like my aunts home but rearranged. The decor and setup was all there it was the arrangement of the rooms that mimicked that of my own home. We were in the living room starting out one of the windows trying to look out for both the snake and croc. But only the croc was visible. My sister and I began having a verbal fight over some TV series that I cannot remember. And I pushed her and my mom had caught us and scolded us. In the next instance we turned around to look outside and the croc was outside in an outdoor living room which mimicked the one we were currently in. On the shelf of the crocs living room there was a long black belt which I had somehow realized that the snake had turned into a belt and it was no longer going to bother us. But the croc was a still a problem. And I probably woke up but I can’t remember anything else THE END