Evil witch? Ghost?

Date: 5/17/2019

By nekocat

Another scary dream I had last night. It started out in my grandma/grandpa’s old home, but it was only me, my parents, and maybe 2 of my siblings there. We were eating at the kitchen table, when all of a sudden we heard something moving in the basement. The door that leads to outside and to the basement was in the kitchen. My dad opened the door and stood right outside the door, listening. I stood in the kitchen, watching him, frightened at what will happen next. I begged him to come back in so I can lock the door, but he wouldn’t listen. I yanked him by the arm and through him back into the kitchen, turned around and locked all 3 locks. (There are only 2 locks on the door at the house, but there were 3 in my dream; 1 lock on the doorknob, 2nd was a deadbolt lock thing above and last was a sliding chain thing ) We all watched the door, listening to whatever was making its way slowly up the stairs. We watched in horror as one of the locks were somehow being undone one by one. I remember freaking out, yelling for my mom to call the cops. I don’t remember what or why she didn’t call the cops, but I ended up trying to call them and redoing the locks. I remember clearly that I couldn’t call the cops, because I was freakin out and I couldn’t dial the right numbers. This went on for awhile. I guess I wasn’t paying attention but 2 of the locks got undone, leaving only the chain lock keeping the door from swinging open. Whatever was on the other side stuck its arm through, trying to grab ahold of my youngest brother. I saw a glimpse of her. She was old and scary looking, almost like a witch or grudge girl. My mom and brother were sitting on a chair, closet to the door. I grabbed the doorknob, trying to close the door on her arm and yelling at my mom to move out of the way. I didn’t want this thing touching my brother. I fought so hard, as I watched this thing extend her arm towards him. All of a sudden, my little brother lifted up his little arm and both of their index fingers touched one another. I stopped. We all stopped. I was angry but at the same time confused. Why? Within a split second, she showed up in front of me. She somehow got past through the door and locks. She got in my face and said to me, “I’m coming for you next” with a big malicious grin on her face. I woke up.