I had a mental breakdown in class

Date: 8/16/2017

By realGeorgerino

I was in school and I was trying to cover up the fact that I had just killed 10 people outside of school. My mental state was weak. I stood in front of my class to give a presentation about the Watergate scandal and Richard Nixon. It was the last presentation for the class and I was the only one going that day because I had missed the previous 2 days (which doesn't make sense because I'm never absent). However, everytime I had attempted to talk about my project, some kids would talk over me. I got pretty mad at them and decided to just let them talk for a bit. I would ask the teacher,"Can I go yet?" And she would always say "ready when you are!" I would start to attempt my presentation until someone started talking over me. The classroom phone (which scared me cuz I thought I was busted) also rang and the teacher had a student answer it. I snapped. I asked the teacher, "I'm sorry, but what the hell is going on here?!?" I threw my pencil against a corner and it snapped in half. One of the pieces hit someone in the eye and pencil dust which scattered in the room also went in people's eyes. The kid on the phone started crying, it turns out that his mother was killed, I had killed her. Everyone had found out about the massacre that I had caused. The whole classroom was crying. The school counselor walked in the room and picked me up and she carried me through the halls and to a lunchroom (not the same one as my school). The emo kids wanted me to sit with them and this reoccurring character in my dreams got mentioned again, she was just known as "eye candy," that was her nickname. I've never met her but she's been mentioned a few times to the point where I can remember her name within my dreams. They said Eye Candy might have lunch with us but she might not show up again. I got in line for a lunch and got half of a pizza, then I woke up. Kinda disappointed I never had an ending for that dream in hindsight.