What the absolute fuck

Date: 9/24/2019

By brixwa

My first “dream” or whatever you want to call it started out with sleep paralysis. It only happens when I sleep at my brothers house now the nights before I babysit my nephews. It started out as they had woken up in the middle of the night and came downstairs to play, as I was going to tell them to go back to bed I become paralyzed and hear and overwhelming sound of white noise. So loud it’s frightening. And after that, something grabs me by my waist and tries to pull me off the bed. In my head I’m saying, “Jesus help me” over and over again. It finally goes away after what feels like forever. Absolutely terrifying. Also it was only a dream that my nephews were awake. They always sleep throughout the night. My next dream was bizarre. I dreamt that I was in some weird town with a park that had a old fashioned looking house with “Jason” masks scattered everything. They were on the ground, on the roof, in bushes. I woke up shortly after that. It was definitely not a great night of sleep for me.