Sex work

Date: 5/15/2019

By sadinarus

So I had two dreams in one. The first one was me and my mother was at our old house. And there was some weird alien invasion. And people that looked just like us was trying to kill us (kind of like the movie US). So my mom killed hers but mine went down to the basement was hiding. So I walked down the steps to the basement and slowly looked around. My tethered was on the ceiling I believe and tackled me down. She tried to stab me. But I had wiggled out of her grip and took a piece of cloth and strangled her. But it wasn’t enough. So I had to slice her throat with a blade. But no blood came out of her. It was like she was made of rubber. But she died so, I went back upstairs and me and my mom were both relieved to be alive and okay. So we relaxed made ourselves some food. But the next day...there was a huge group of our tethered and we had to fight them off. And I went out there and started slashing throats. But there were too many of them. And I remember being worried for my mom. But the dream ended. The other dream I had after that one was me being a sex worker. So I guess I worked at this small hole in a wall. It was legit and safe. I was with a client and the entire room light was red. And I was doing sexual things with him and I remember turning around and sitting on his dick and grinding on him. And he came inside me. And then he went to the desk and paid for his services. The shift ended and I went to the desk to receive my earnings. The money was placed into ziploc bags and I remember seeing a couple of fives and some ones and I got really excited and thought “I could do this just to make some extra money” So the next night I went to work and did the same and received my pay. There was barely anybody working there. It was just me these two girls and the DJ. Me and the girls left out together and was laughing and enjoying ourselves. And I remember thinking “I can go get my eyebrows done with this money” and then I woke up. THE END.