Snuggling with B

Date: 6/1/2017

By nhychung

The dream started out me sitting on his bed with him lying down. We start talking about something. I get more comfortable on his bed. We're now both lying up on his bed snuggling. Our hands are intertwined, my head resting on his chest. My legs are bare and I ask him "I shaved my legs a week ago, can you feel how prickly they are?" I ask this as our legs are tangled together, looking down I can't see where my legs end and his begin. I will myself to move my legs, to rub my calves against his. He laughs and says yes as I look up to his face through my lashes, only inches away from mine. We lie there, talking about graduation. I open my mouth and say "Do you want to sit together at prom, or do you have other people to sit with?" And he says "I can't, I'll be sitting with my friends". Looking up, I sternly say "but aren't we friends?" "Yes we are." We lie there longer, fingers caressing each other's and legs rubbing.