Let's die together

Date: 3/30/2017

By richilye

I was using my computer when [Redacted]." appeared online, and we started talking. Hard to remember what we talked about, I was trying not to ask about what happened nor talk about death, at some point, she sent me a video that she watched , and she was pissed about a cult that was in it. I opened it to watch. When it started, I noticed I had seen it before, it was either in real life, or in a dream some years ago. There was 2 guys and 3 girls walking in some plains/forest, they were seeking some place as shelter, because something happened , but wasn't explained. They were walking until they reached a village in the middle of the forest. It was in fact a cult, which were very picky, the leader was also talking about a dead person after the village, and that someone would have to stab a knife in it and make a sacrifice to break the curse. He was also talking about the people who he didn't want in there. 1st he said that those who didn't want to be there wasn't welcome. One of the guys was pushed away by some force, and thrown out of the village, far from the forest. I thought he died, not sure if he did. The 2nd one was a girl, curious people weren't welcome as well. A force got around her and pushed her out as well. And then he pointed to a shy girl hiding behind a pillar, and he said "And people that doesn't talk too", the cute girl was also thrown out by the force. The 2 left, a guy and a girl. They started running to the dead man before the guy would say something else. He also told the leader he was gonna do the dead man. They passed by it, it was a skeleton tied in what was left of a tree. They ran past it, then the girl asked what he did, he told her that he knifed the skeleton, but wasn't gonna do the sacrifice, so they kept running. They arrived at bay, more or less, it was some rocks connected by small wooden bridges. The girl started going first, they went through 2 bridges when the guy stopped and said there was no hope to keep going and he give up, he threw himself in the water below the bridge. The girl looked at him and threw herself as well, saying that she wanted to die together with him. The other 3 were actually dead as well. End