Flying, lost phone and girl. Then found them

Date: 2/19/2017

By Its_Thiago

We were on a party, and I was talking to a brunette girl who I liked. At some point I fond the opportuunity to go to the beach with her, probably to try and kiss her. But I end up finding a phone in the sand, and realizing I had lost mine. I could fly, and I used it to analyze the ground and people of the party so I could find my phone or the person who had it. The PR were helping me, however they couldn't fly. I lost my girl in the process. While looking for her, I end up inside a shop with people. Everyone was in a serious hurry I don't know why. Didn't find her so I go out and try elsewhere. But as I get out, a see a creapy guy staring at me kinda looking for trouble. So I ignore him and show him that I can bloody fly so that he knew he'd never catch me. As I take off from the ground, flapping my arms, I feel the grasp of a hand by my heel, and get taken down to the ground. As I turn around preparing to fight, I realize the guy who got me was the one who seemed to be looking for a fight, but was actually the owner of the phone I found. So I see he knew I had his phone, and he quickly takes out mine from his pocket to show me he just wanted to trade. We did so calmly and I went on my way. I end up with Joco, beside a pool, thinking how the fuck I lost the girl I was with. And we talk about her for some time, when she suddenly appears in front of us. So I try to talk to her but she was mad, I believe because I left her alone, though unknowingly. So I try to make things up, but she runs into the pool, so do I. Chased her, catched her and explained to her why I left.. She then claims that I promised to her that one of my dreams was to be a great dancer, and that she didn't believe me anymore for some reason, that she'd lost trust with me. I ask her why would she think that, she'd seen my moves. Then tell her I'd trade dancing for her every time. And we kiss. That' all I remeber.