The Walking Dead w/ Max and Ross

Date: 7/5/2019

By alexcoderre7

I was with a older girl, she and I were like best friends. We were sitting around a campfire in the middle of a abandoned town. We were talking and laughing around it. Before we went to sleep, she said goodnight to me. Then I said “goodnight Amber.” We both went to bed. The next day, I was shook awake by a very worried Amber. “Come on, we have to leave! Walkers are coming.” She told me. I got my things ready and we put the stuff into the van we had. Once we got all the stuff in, I got in. Amber came to come in but was tackled by a walker. I got out and ran over to help her. Once I killed the walker, she showed me that she got bit by it. I stared at her wide eyed. She asked me to shoot her so she wouldn’t become one of the zombies. I did as she asked and got into the van me and her had shared after getting all of the supplies we had into it and started it up. A couple hours later, I was on the highway driving to a safe area that me and Amber had talked about a lot before she had died. While I was driving, I looked over into a walkway in the tunnel of the highway. Suddenly a lot of people followed by a hord of zombies. Two men caught my eye and I recognized them as Max and Ross, the YouTubers. They both ran over to the van I was in and I opened the back door. They jumped in and closed the van door. I started driving again when I saw a older woman and a young girl were sitting. The zombies were getting closer so Max jumped out and grabbed the kid. I started driving again with Max in the passenger seat. After a while of driving, we made it to the safe place where a man looked us over for bite marks. We were allowed to go in and have food. When we got in, Max and Ross went over to a table with a bunch of YouTubers that they knew. They invited me and the kid over and we talked while eating