runaway (had dream before)

Date: 7/24/2017

By kayaslopez

one day we where running away from 2 men on horses. we had to try and figure out a murder at the same time. we came across a man who had sex with two ladies and a police or a detective of some sort gave us pictures involving the two ladies. whenever we had the pictures it was as if we can touch, and feel everything. when we see the pictures we can be there. for example you can reach your hand inside and feel the bedsheets. once we realized it was another lady and he has been cheating we left. it was the 5 of us. me, mason, sienna, dad, and mom. while we where running we where running on a red dirt road and we where surrounded by a big clif canyon. when we where running we came by a little fluffy white dog. it was me and my dad who stopped to get it. we turned back and the two men where so close to us. they where right before the stop we where at when we say the pictures of the two ladies and the guy. we started running some more screaming, and then we came to a point of not going anywhere. there was these spike looking things coming out of the ground and the dog was right around one. once the two men came one chased mason to the clif with his gun. these men looked dirty with black and yellow teeth, and hats with layers of dirty clothes all over them. i was covering the dog and when the other man started pointing the gun at me i moved and he was pointing at the dog. i was hesitating my life or the dog. and then sienna runs out of nowhere and takes the bullet for me and the dog. sienna slowly walked to the other side of the path and was just standing there. the other guy tried to fight dad but then he ended up shooting sienna again. the two men ended up dying and then i hugged sienna and started crying. mom was in shock and was hiding with the dog. mom had no emotion. dad came out of nowhere and started hugging sienna. we all did a group huddle and then i woke up