May the hunter be hunted by shadowed prey

Date: 5/15/2017

By wanderingSnake

the realm I was in was strange full of checkered tiles worn white buildings with gold accents and glass. Today I had to gain entrance to a building containing an enemy that was kind of like the king pin of operations, from what I remember he was calm and collected but something nasty lay just beneath his personality he couldn't quite hide. He had a bitch of a girlfriend to the both were pale and wore sharp black clothing that was stylish. Any who I somehow got into the building sneaking past the door man with an invisibility spell. Unfortunately it dose not cover up sound or smell as soon as I entered the room with the man he sensed me and got spooked he went around looking for me he couldn't see me but that didn't stop him trying to find me he went all about the rooms looking angrily muttering to himself I figured staying behind the fellow would be best so I did that following him through the house his girlfriend followed in the search for the intruder. The chat to each other about plans to do with black magic and space, it sounded like these people might be possessed by shadows I follow them to a higher point in the house the rooms open up to the sky with glass domes I see worn white spires of the surrounding city I realize that the talks of magic and space wasn't to do with the mechanics of using magic and space but they were planing on going to space. The dream ended before anymore could happen