Orgasm on the face, World Melting and Doom-Minecraft

Date: 3/27/2017

By richilye

I was at some boat, there was some few people in it. All I remember is that a Girl made me lay down and started to have an orgasm in my face, it wouldn't stop, and I was trying to swallow it all in, it had sorta of a good taste to it, hard to describe. I don't remember if we did more than this, 'cause the dream ended there and I don't remember the start. ---- Scene Change. ---- I was walking around talking to someone, when we saw some people and things melting, they were becoming black, in the dream I knew I had saw it before, and knew how to get rid of it. But I forgot the rest. ---- Scene Change. ---- I was on the internet doing something, then I found a guy(I think it was a guy) and we added each other, his/her name started with "Pa" or "Paz", and the nickname extended really far, I can't remember the rest. Then he called me to play Minecraft while chatting on Skype, I hosted server and we went to play some sort of survival on a sky island. We were supposed to start with the 4 primary tools made of rock (Axe, Hoe, Sword & Pickaxe), but I forgot to distribute them, he then told me eventually, as we were fighting the monsters bare handed. I tried to pick something to fight, there was a boomerang and other items, but I tried to pick the items that we were supposed to start with. I gave him the items, and he ran away. While I was looking in the items, I found a different Spawn Egg, so I decided to test it, it spawned a depressive creeper, that looked like he was an elder, 'cause he was always looking to the ground in a weird manner, his explosion is really big, so I ran away and catched up with that guy, he didn't saw the Depressive creeper coming, and it blew him, I was gonna deactivate the explosion griefing, but thought that would be cheating, so I left it on, it exploded and disconnected the guy from the game, there was a massive hole inside the cave in which he blew up. The guy was trying to reconnect, then I saw some weird monsters spawning, they were from Doom, so I ran and jumped to the lower area and tried to go around the map, one of the monsters even looked like Giratina. Dream ended there. The whole time we were talking on skype, I felt as if I was sorta learning how to talk.