Date: 2/6/2019

By InfrequentDreamer22

I was with Pierre and a group of people. One guy and I were apparently casually hooking up. We were in a town & you could take a gondola that looked like a car, up to another town. When we got to the top, the people working there didn’t help us get out, so we kind of jumped & stumbled to get out. But in a funny way, not a panicking way. Then we get to the town & we have breakfast at this small restaurant. I leave the table to go to the restroom & when I open the door I am in someone’s house. I go to the bathroom & start doing my makeup because apparently I hadn’t done it that morning. Then the guy I have been seeing (in the dream) came into the bathroom & I tried telling him to wait a minute so I could finish my makeup. I didn’t want him to see me with it only half done but he was playful & came into the bathroom. After kissing my neck, we started hooking up in the bathroom. Once we were finished I told him I was gonna finish my makeup but I had to hurry because I needed to get out of the bathroom. When he asked why, I responded by telling him that it wasn’t my house & I didn’t know who lived there so I should leave before they realize I’m in there. He was surprised it wasn’t my house, he thought I lived there. Then we left. The end.