Forgot Easter

Date: 3/20/2017

By arohaivy

I was in my car driving to maccas and for some reason I got out the car and walked through the drive through. The first window the lady was really rude, then the second window was a girl my girlfriend worked with and she called me a bitch. By the end of the drive thru my girlfriend was there in her car and I got picked up from her. Half way home I realised I left my car at maccas and asked my girlfriend to take me back for it. We got in a huge argument over it and I just got out the car in the dark and ran to Reme's house. When I got there everyone was in bed but the front door was open so I went on in. Reme woke up and I just asked if I could stay for a while. Little did I know it was Easter eve and I had to get home to my kids to hide the eggs. I was hoping my girlfriend had found my iPhone and would have came and picked me up. She ended up calling and saying ingrid would be there soon to get me ??? I tried to sneak out but Reme woke up again and I had to say I was going back to Jear and to hide the eggs. I hadn't even got any eggs at this stage and my wallet was in my car at maccas so I couldn't do anything. When ingrid got there I jumped in the car and a neighbor of remes had an argument with her saying she'd called the cops. After that I ended up back at remes somehow and the kids got up in the morning and done their Easter egg hunt. I stayed with them awhile till I just had to go I never made it to my kids or got any Easter eggs. I woke up devastated!!! I'm going Easter shopping today now and I will be ready for this!!! LOL