Date: 6/27/2017

By Zephandrypus

Helping my friend rake leaves with dozers and stuff. One leaf was big and looked like it was made of congealed slime. My friend had a brother, and my mind picked up on that he was like a ghost and I hadn't really noticed him before. My friend was in trouble with his dad and wasn't allowed back in the house. "What happened to you and your sister making breakfast for your mother every morning?!?" I was continuing to help my friend clean the yard, and his dad got mad at me and asked what I was doing. "I'm just wandering around while stuffing this waterproof tent into a bag." He says I'm not allowed onto his property any longer. I helped my friend sneak back into his house that night and steal his dad's evil remote which let us open doors and get around the house. Due to a classic case of apparent dream brain damage, we woke up his parents while going around his house. I could sense his dad waiting for us around the corner down some stairs between us and the exit, a shimmer of bald head just barely visible. From the other direction his mother swooped down on us (she was someone entirely different to his mom in real life). We were captured. My friend's dad had a shotgun in case we tried to escape again. He got his remote back and me and my friend were now wearing white pants for whatever reason. My friend's dad pushed a button on the remote and the pants started to compress, making us wince.