Jail with Christian leave

Date: 8/9/2019

By sara9864

I was at the pool with savannah and other people and there were slides that you can sled down and i saw Christian leave there so i was going to try to get his attention so i went on the tallest one and if you sing on it it like amplifies cause of the water so i was going to sing his song and i went all the way across the pool and almost banged my head and i was right up to him and i just made a joke ab my head and he laughed and we started talking but then the police came cause the slides are illegal but there fun and they arrested everyone but we started running so they separated me savannah and Christian and it was like orange is the new black with the colors but we were all tan but they just separated us in different blocks and we were going outside and i saw Christian hand cuffed to someone and i said we’d find a way to get him out and i went outside and we were at a track meet but we were running in the sand and there were spray painted lines and i accidentally messed up the lines so i ran in the group of people to hide and i saw a bus with a bunch of guys coming out and i knew that Christian was in there so i screamed savannah cause i wanted her there to tell her and i turned around and she was there and i ran up to her and she was with Mikey and they were crying and i was just screaming a bunch of questions cause i haven’t seen her in so long