Five Story House

Date: 9/12/2019

By LittleRain

I’m talking to a friend and she says something along the lines of have you seen this movie about a girl who escapes from this five story house from her family who are trying to kill her. I said no and the story starts. I’m the girl. There’s a dad and three brothers. I’m not related to them by blood. The oldest one is roughly 16 while the other two are under the age of six. I’m roughly 13. I live in the fifth floor. One day while my actual brother and mom are out, the guys say they want to kill me. They say “She’s annoying and won’t amount up to anything so let’s just kill her. We do it all the time.” I start to panic. There’s three floors on the top floor. My room, my brother’s room and the “secret” room. I want to hide but I can hear them coming up. I can’t go and hide in my brother rooms because they be able to tell I’m in there by his terrible window and door. I jump out of the window and run. I run towards the woods. I run back into the house when I realized that there’s no hiding spots. I run up the stairs and go into my room. They can’t find me so the dad gets his car out and starts to drive around looking for me. The brothers are still in the house. The middle brother wants to come in my room but I locked it. The older brother starts coming up so I panic and go into the secret room with a tiny door in my closet. There’s a dog in here. A little brown dog. I hug the dog and I tell him to be quiet. The older brother leaves and the middle brother plays in my room. I’m debating if I want to leave or not. I decide to wait until the dad comes back. Long story short because I’m tired, I run away with my dog while punching the oldest brother in the face. I got help by some neighbors who saw what was happening because it happened in day time. Not sure if I go back to see my mother and brother but oh well.