July 22, 2017 :: 4

Date: 7/23/2017

By trepidan-dreamer

This was a very elaborate dream, and I will dictate it as best I can. For the most part, it took place in a beautifully-designed club with a black, golden-yellow, and white color scheme. The club was located in a mall and was built in a modern style. There was a small staircase leading down into the body of the club from its entrance in the mall, and each individual room had a very high ceiling. I was in the club sitting on a barstool; no clue why I was allowed in, as I am a minor, but I didn't question it. A cute blonde girl was sitting next to me. I think she may have been Ajaxi from a previous dream. A red-haired boy named Rudy ran up to us. I remember he had a toy helicopter. He told us someone had stolen his $20, and he wanted help. Ajaxi and I followed him out of the club past an older man selling jewelry. With some effort, Rudy pushed open the back door to reveal a huge grass plain--a large sycamore overshadowed the low balcony we were standing on. I don't remember how this dream ended. :(