Date: 2/24/2017

By JureM7

I was dreaming that my father send me to bring one lemon from some person whose working at hospital of dead bodies and menstruation problems. I've entered inside and i saw dead bodies on every step, big narrow dark hallways, but there were workers passing trough, that gives me bravery to walk on. I came to destination room and i saw my friend working there. I've sit there on some small wooden chair and she told me about a hospital, and I've told her that we could record a horror movie inside and earn money, because we have all assets: blood, body parts, hearts, livers, kidneys... She said it is a good idea and gave me that lemon that i came for and in the meantime she wrote some poems on it, something like: "Maybe i would hover if you bring me a flower" and a lot text under it written by blue pen, i was thinking what would my family think about it. Some teenagers were gathering on balcony that was connecting all rooms in the row, they was drinking before clubbing. I think they are some medical students.. (and dream ended there)