beach bunker

Date: 2/20/2017

By cullentaylor12

Beach phone, bathroom, underground, mountain We were going to this beach that was also a side of a mountain. We got there and everyone was worried about getting things stolen. My dad fogged up his windows so people would think he was just there. We went into the shop and I went to the bathroom. They went on ahead and I saw a big tent that said "territory" on it. I went over to it and then realized I didn't have my phone. I searched the right side of the beach when I saw olivia and some of her friends. I didn't want to say hi because I was nervous so I pretended not to see her. She brushed my back and then I said hi. I found my phone and then my hair spray in my mom's bag. Olivia and I were running from something and we found her underground bunker. She realized it was a trap so we kept going. We found the real one and she said she was worried the food would run out. Then I woke up.