Zachary the creep and a birthday with the seven deadly sins

Date: 1/28/2017

By TheOneNamedZoe

There was a man named Zachary and damn was he beautiful. And a trickster. He found ways to break open these vending machines, helping me grab whatever I want. By the time we left our meeting place he wanted to take me somewhere. And kept pinching me harder and harder because I was not going where we wanted to go. Eventually my mom shooed him off and we went back home, where all the seven deadly sins had been waiting for me. It was my birthday Sloth gave me what looked like Pocky and said "it'll make you feel as lazy as a pig." I was preparing to get more presents as I, for some reason, stuffed a piece of Pocky into my mouth. Instead of crunching into it it just melted. Then I had two more. My body began to tingle and rush with heat. One of the sins whined to Sloth "you idiot, that's Swine! Not pig!" Sloth shrugged. "Very well. I expected this accident to occur." As they set up my food I could feel throbbing. All the food even alluded to sex... Then I woke up. Misc things about the dream: A orange fluffy frog said a bunch of game stats and that obtaining it would make me kinky. I had a jack sparrow shirt given to me for my birthday.