The Queen Hedwig in the future

Date: 2/13/2019

By Madlen

I had weird dream but which dream is not weird? At the beggining I was about to organize my bbd party and I waited for my guests and a minute later I was banqueting with medieval queen of Poland but the party was in modern times. She didnt look like they show her in paintings. Even though she was taller than me, she was rather slim than "well built". It was quite awkward and boring to wait for all that food to be eaten after the Queen greets 200 guests and talk with each, therefore me and some other people started eating even though I knew its faux pas. Later Queen was seated at the table and for some reason my bf sat next to her. He just didnt like narrow space and decided to move there for more comfort. I was laughing that he broke protocol but no one paid attention and i thought it was extremely funny - be seated next to Queen without even realising! Later I took Hedwig for walk ans started showing her modern times. I gave her a glass of coke and naturally showed her modern toilet. She was amazed with both :) i told her that when water flashes all dirty stuff they are taken with stream to enemy country - she thought it's very sneaky. I also spent some time on asking her questions about herself since she was always inspiring character for me. I wanted to know how old was she and when she told me, I realised she only has 2-3 more years before she dies. I didnt tell her that - why would I upset her. Instead we went to swimming pool and enjoyed water. She could swim very well!